Parade Services and Prop Rentals


 Let us make your next event, production or life celebration truly KOLOSSOS…

Parades:  KOLOSSOS brings the best of New Orleans unique art, culture, creativity and spectacle into any parade.  Art bike floats, dancers, performers, music, costumes and props come alive as KOLOSSOS takes to the streets. KOLOSSOS  can be customized to any size parade.

Festivals:  KOLOSSOS brings the transformative power of Carnival parading into festival environments.  A mobile showcase of costumes, bike floats, dancers, music and props can be customized to your festival and provide attendees with a unique entertainment experience.

Film and Television:  KOLOSSOS  is available to curate Mardi Gras style parades and provide prop, costume and float rentals for film, television and commercials.

Events:   Make your next event KOLOSSOS by bringing the spectacle of Carnival to your guests.  KOLOSSOS creates custom productions to suit your birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, second line, corporate event or celebration.

Weddings: Let Kolossos take your special day to the next level with a colorful spectacle of customizable floats, costumes, performers and props.  Wedding second lines are an exciting way to move guests between wedding venues.  Let us lead your guests on a mini-parade from the chapel to the reception hall in New Orleans fashion.

Second Lines: Celebrate in New Orleans fashion with a custom second line.  Second lines are a great way to highlight corporate events, celebrate life events, or move party goers from one location to the next.

Funerals: Put the FUN in FUNERAL with a Kolossos second line. Kolossos artists are available to create custom caskets, costumes, props and performances for your special second line.

Props: Kolossos artists are available to create custom props for your event, production or business.  Rentals are available of costumes, props and floats as well.

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