About Us


Welcome to KOLOSSOS!

KOLOSSOS is a New Orleans based parade and performance troupe. An inspiring mobile spectacle transforming trash into a whimsical world of Carnival. Featuring art bike floats, circus performers, dancers, colorful costumes and interactive props. KOLOSSOS will add color to any occasion.

Through eye-catching party art, KOLOSSOS is raising environmental awareness. By upcycling materials found in everyday life, KOLOSSOS inspires others to rethink the possibilities of their refuse. Through our customizable performances, KOLOSSOS strives to bring beautifully crafted and sustainable art to communities everywhere.

KOLOSSOS can be found performing in events and parades throughout the year. It has also caught the eye of the motion picture industry, major sporting events and international television. KOLOSSOS is a versatile crew of spectacular delights that you won’t forget.

Envisioned and led by New Orleans artist and Carnival Queen, Katrina Brees, KOLOSSOS brings the new bohemia to the spectacle of Carnival and beyond. Bringing in influences from international party and ritual art, Brees hopes to elevate consciousness of all creative possibilities through her showcases.


Contact Us: kreweofkolossos@gmail.com