Parade with Us 

Be part of our Krewe and parade with us! Contact us to join in upcoming parades. KOLOSSOS brings the best of New Orleans’ unique art, culture, creativity and spectacle into any parade.  Art bike floats, dancers, performers, music, costumes and big heads come alive as KOLOSSOS takes to the streets. The Krewe loves to parade and has participated in over 100 parades both in New Orleans and nationally. Make sure to check out the KOLOSSOS bike zoo. 


KOLOSSOS delivers the transformative power of Carnival parading into festival environments. A mobile showcase of costumes, art bike floats, dancers, music and props can be customized to your festival and provide attendees with a unique entertainment experience. Audiences will be dazzled when the carnival parade comes to them.

Film, Television & Commercials 

KOLOSSOS  is available to curate Mardi Gras-style parades and provide prop, costume, and float rentals for film, television, and commercials. We have worked with dozens of film productions over the last 15 years and can provide professional art on schedule, in line with your specific needs.


Make your next event KOLOSSOS by bringing the spectacle of Carnival to your guests. KOLOSSOS creates custom productions to suit your birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, second line, corporate event, or celebration. Let us bring the magic of Mardi Gras parading into your next event.


Let KOLOSSOS take your special day to the next level with a colorful spectacle of customizable floats, costumes, performers, and props. Wedding second lines are an exciting way to move guests between wedding venues. KOLOSSOS art bikes make your wedding second line stand out.


KOLOSSOS artists are available to create custom props for your event, production, or business. We have an exciting inventory of costumes, props, and floats available for rental. We can help you design and create artful items that will help take your production to the next level.

Promotional Art 

KOLOSSOS artists are available to create custom props for your event, production, or business. Rentals are available of costumes, props, and floats. We have worked with conventions, festivals, corporations, and restaurants to create beautiful, eye catching art that helps promote their business in a fun, new way.

Big Heads

Our collection of Big Heads transforms any space into a Carnival. Our Big Heads perfectly marry ancient paper mache techniques with modern elements such as lights or effects. We are available to create Big Head character or mascot masks with your custom design. Read more about our Big Heads.

Mascot Costumes

Through paper mache and costume design, our expert artists can make your character come alive. We love to work with organizations to create mascots and characters that will really get your crowds going.

Art Bikes and Floats

Our expert papier mache artists have created a KOLOSSOS fleet of art bikes for your to enjoy in your next parade experience. We welcome new riders and artists to join us in the wonderful world of parading. We are also available to bring our skills to your custom designs.

Krewe and Parade Consulting

Want to make your own parade but don’t know how to do it? Let us help. We have helped create over 150 parades and second lines and have a KOLOSSOS amount of knowledge to share with you.

Paper Mache Repairs

We love working with paper mache (papier mache) sculptures from parades gone by. Let us restore your sculptures, costumes, floats, and props to their original glory and even take them to new heights. We can also update original works with LED lights or enhanced armatures or structures.

Let’s make your next event KOLOSSOS!

We welcome inquiries of parades, performances, rentals, sales and commissions.



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